Princess Bridals vs Lotus Bridal

Finding the perfect wedding dress is a journey, and Long Island brides have choices. Today we’re comparing two formidable contenders to help you on your way: Us, Princess Bridals, vs Lotus Bridal. Both established, family-owned businesses, boast extensive collections, dedicated stylists, and positive reviews. But with so many similarities, how do brides choose between them? This guide dives into the details, comparing Princess Bridals and Lotus Bridal across various aspects to help you find your perfect match.

  1. Designer Collections:

    Princess Bridals
    At Princess Bridals, they offer a wider range of designers, including both established names like Allure Bridals and Moonlight and their own in-house Princess Bridals Private Collection. They feature a dedicated section for plus-size and curvy brides as well as evening gowns, and mother-of-the-bride gowns. Additionally, they offer a selection of “quick delivery” wedding dresses for the bride with less time to spare.

    Lotus Bridal
    Lotus Bridal carries a curated selection of designers, focusing on emerging and innovative labels. They offer a unique collection of designer dresses, bridesmaids dresses, evening gowns, and mother-of-the-bride gowns. Further, they feature a dedicated selection of alternative styles for to-be-weds seeking a non-traditional look.
  2. Shopping Experience:

    Princess Bridals
    With over 50 years serving brides, Princess Bridals emphasizes a “princess experience,” fostering a warm and inviting experience. They offer VIP private appointments for brides and their entourage with different experiences to choose from. Additionally, they provide experienced bridal stylists to guide brides through their dress selection and boast of a spacious showroom with ample seating and space for guests.

    Lotus Bridal
    With over 15 years in the bridal industry, Lotus Bridal promotes a more intimate and personalized shopping experience. They encourage brides to bring a small group of guests for a focused and supportive environment with a comfortable and relaxed showroom setting. Like Princess Bridals they provide knowledgeable consultants to assist brides in finding their perfect dress.
  3. Price Point:

    Princess Bridals offers wedding dresses starting around $1,500, with a wider range of prices catering to various budgets. For those with limited budgets or short time to a wedding day, they provide the option to purchase off-the-rack dresses at discounted prices. To make those dresses a perfect fit they offer in-house alterations at an additional cost. Most bridal shops charge additional for alterations.

    Lotus Bridal offers wedding dresses starting around $2,000, with a focus on higher-end designers. They too offer a limited selection of off-the-rack dresses at discounted prices for those with budget or time constraints. And, they partner with external alteration specialists to create that perfect fit for your wedding dress.
  4. Additional Services:

    Princess Bridals offers in-house alterations by world-class European seamstresses as well as provide a variety of accessories, including veils, belts and head pieces.
    At Lotus Bridal offer limited alteration services and recommend their partnered specialists. Additionally, they provide a curated selection of accessories, primarily focusing on jewelry and veils.
  5. Customer Reviews:

    Princess Bridals
    When it comes to reviews, Princess Bridals averages 4.5 stars on Google, with reviewers praising the variety of styles, warm, friendly staff, and luxurious bridal salon atmosphere with some negative reviews regarding alterations costs.

    Lotus Bridal
    Lotus Bridal averages 5 stars on Google, with reviewers highlighting the personalized service, unique selection of designers, and comfortable environment with a few negative reviews, primarily regarding limited alteration options.

    Ultimately, the best bridal salon for you depends on your individual needs and preferences.
    If you prefer a wider selection of designer styles, including plus-size options, with a luxurious and traditional shopping experience and maybe tight on budget and time, Princess Bridals may be for you with their Quick Delivery service and sample wedding dress section.

    If you’re looking for a curated selection of unique and innovative designers and want a more personalized and intimate shopping experience with a relaxed and comfortable environment then Lotus Bridals is a good choice.

    Additional Tips:
  • Schedule appointments at both salons to get a feel for the atmosphere and service.
  • Bring photos of inspiration dresses and styles that you like.
  • Trust your gut feeling and choose the salon where you feel most comfortable and confident.
  • Be open to trying different silhouettes and designers.
  • Don’t be afraid to negotiate the price or ask about package deals.

Remember, your wedding dress should represent your unique style and personality. By considering your individual needs and preferences, you can find the perfect bridal salon to help you find the dress of your dreams.

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