Max Bridals NY vs. Princess Bridals

In today’s blog we talk about and compare two well known Long Island bridal salons, Max Bridals NY and Princess Bridals. We’ll compare various aspects including service, selection, customer experience, and unique features of each store.

1. Customer Service Experience:

Max Bridals NY is noted for its exceptional customer service, focusing on a stress-free and personalized shopping experience. The store emphasizes treating every customer royally, ensuring that each bride feels special. Customer testimonials highlight the attentiveness and friendliness of staff.

On the other hand, Princess Bridals also boasts a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, providing a welcoming and warm atmosphere. Reviews often mention how the staff makes clients feel spoiled and valued, offering a VIP shopping experience that caters to both regular and plus-size brides. The store is commended for its non-pushy and attentive service approach​.

2. Dress Selection and Designers:

Max Bridals NY offers a curated collection of top designer gowns including Allure, Essense Designs, and Maggie Sottero, with a range of styles from modern to rustic and vintage. Their selection caters to sophisticated and elegant brides looking for something uniquely theirs​​.

Princess Bridals features a similarly impressive lineup of designers. They highlight their extensive range of sizes, from 8 to 32, ensuring they can accommodate brides of all body types. Princess Bridals is known for its large inventory that includes bridal gowns and mothers of the bride or groom​.

3. Bridal Experience:

Max Bridals NY prides itself on creating an environment where brides can enjoy a fun and comfortable gown shopping experience. The boutique’s setting and layout are designed to make brides feel at ease while exploring their options​​.

Princess Bridals extends a unique ‘Princess Experience’ to its clients, which is particularly highlighted in their VIP appointments. They focus on creating an exclusive and intimate atmosphere where brides can feel truly special. The boutique has also been serving the community for over 50 years, bringing a wealth of experience and a reputation for quality​​.

4. Client Feedback:

Both boutiques receive positive feedback for their service and quality. Max Bridals NY is often praised for its efficient service and the quality of its alterations. Clients appreciate the boutique for helping them find the perfect dress without pressure​.

Princess Bridals, while generally receiving good reviews, has some mixed feedback regarding customer service experiences. However, those who had positive experiences highlighted the staff’s dedication to creating a memorable and enjoyable dress shopping experience​​.


Choosing between Max Bridals NY and Princess Bridals largely depends on individual preferences and priorities. Max Bridals NY is ideal for those looking for a stress-free experience with a focus on high-quality designer gowns and personalized service. Princess Bridals offers a broader size range and a storied history of dedicated service, making it a great choice for brides seeking a more tailored shopping experience with a variety of options.

Both boutiques offer unique strengths, so the best choice may depend on specific needs such as dress style preferences, desired level of customer service, and the overall shopping atmosphere that a bride is seeking.

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