Listening To Your Bridal Stylist

So which dress do you think looks better? The one hanging on a hanger on the rack or the one on here? I’m going to tell you.

So let’s be honest here. Dresses on the hanger don’t always look the best. They have heavy embellishments, beaded bodices that make them sag a little bit. And they don’t always look the best on the hanger.

So in this instance, trust your bridal consultants. And if they want you to try something on you, you don’t particularly think looks the best, throw it on and it might look so much better than you ever expected.

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve had brides say, “No, I don’t really like it.” And then they try that on and they’re like, “Wow, yeah, this is my dress. It’s beautiful.” Happens all the time. You never know what to expect from a dress until you put it on.

So unless you absolutely hate the design of the dress, hate the lace, hate the color, then you would say no. But if not, put it on. Give it a shot. You never know what will look best on you.

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