Finding The Perfect Veil For Your Big Day

When it comes to weddings, we knows every detail is essential in making your big day unique and unforgettable. While the dress often takes center stage, a carefully chosen bridal veil can have a significant impact on your overall look. With an array of styles, lengths, and materials available, finding the perfect veil may seem daunting. Our team at Princess Bridals created this comprehensive guide to help you navigate the options and ensure that you find the right bridal veil to complement your wedding ensemble.

1. Consider Your Wedding Dress
The bridal veil should enhance the overall aesthetic of your wedding dress. When selecting your veil, consider these factors:

  • Dress Style – Choose a veil that complements your dress style, whether it’s a ball gown, A-line, mermaid, or sheath.
  • Dress Details – Consider your dress’s design elements, such as lace, beading, or appliques, and find a veil that complements or enhances these features without overwhelming them.
  • Dress Color – Your veil should match or complement the color of your dress, whether it’s pure white, off-white, ivory, or a more unique shade.

2. Understand Veil Lengths
There are various veil lengths to choose from, so it’s crucial to find the one that works best with your dress and desired style.

  • Birdcage Veil – A short, vintage-inspired veil that covers the eyes or extends just below the chin. Perfect for adding a touch of retro glam to a simple dress or an intimate ceremony.
  • Shoulder Length – Falling just around the shoulders, this length works well with dresses featuring ornate bodices or necklines.
  • Elbow Length – Ending at the bride’s elbows, this veil length complements most dress styles, particularly those with a fitted bodice and full skirt.
  • Fingertip Length – A popular choice for many brides, fingertip-length veils fall just below the fingertips and can be paired with various dress styles.
  • Waltz Length – Falling between the knee and ankle, this length offers a dramatic effect without the added weight of a full-length veil.
  • Chapel Length – Extending to the floor or slightly beyond, a chapel-length veil is ideal for brides seeking a more traditional look.
  • Cathedral Length – The longest and most formal option, a cathedral-length veil trails behind the bride, often extending several feet beyond the train of the dress. This choice works best for formal weddings and dresses with long trains.

3. Choose The Right Fabric
The fabric of your bridal veil can dramatically impact its appearance, drape, and overall effect. Consider these common options:

  • Tulle – The most popular choice for bridal veils, tulle is lightweight, holds its shape well, and offers a wide range of styles and levels of transparency.
  • Silk Tulle – A more luxurious option, silk tulle is soft, drapes beautifully, and offers a refined look. It tends to be more expensive than synthetic tulle.
  • Lace – Lace veils add a romantic touch and work well with lace wedding dresses or more traditional styles. They can be delicate and intricate or bold and modern, depending on the design.
  • Organza – A slightly stiffer fabric than tulle, organza offers a structured and crisp appearance that can add a modern touch to your veil.

4. Consider Veil Embellishments
While some brides prefer a simple, unadorned veil, others choose to add embellishments that enhance their overall look. Some popular options include:

  • Lace Appliques – These can be placed strategically on the veil to frame the face, highlight the hem, or cascade down the length of the veil.
  • Beading – From subtle sparkle to bold statement pieces, beading can add texture, dimension, and glamour to a bridal veil. Crystal, pearl, and metallic beading are popular choices, each providing a different aesthetic.
  • Embroidery – Delicate embroidery can lend an heirloom quality to your veil, creating a unique and intricate pattern that complements your dress.
  • Rhinestones and Crystals – Adding sparkle and shine, rhinestones and crystals can be scattered throughout the veil or used to create a stunning border.
  • Fresh Flowers – For a more organic and natural look, consider incorporating fresh flowers into your veil, either as a crown or woven throughout the fabric.

5. Evaluate Veil Edging
The way a veil’s edge is finished can have a significant impact on its overall look. Some common edging options include:

  • Raw or Cut Edge – The simplest option, a raw or cut edge offers a clean and modern appearance.
  • Pencil Edge – A very narrow, rolled hem that provides a subtle, finished look without adding weight or bulk to the veil.
  • Ribbon Edge – A satin or organza ribbon sewn along the edge of the veil creates a defined border and adds a touch of refinement.
  • Beaded Edge – Featuring beads, pearls, or crystals sewn along the edge, this option adds sparkle and dimension to the veil.
  • Lace Edge – Ideal for a romantic or vintage-inspired look, a lace edge can range from delicate and dainty to bold and dramatic.

6. Determine the Right Veil Attachment
The attachment method you choose for your veil can impact both its look and functionality. Some popular options are:

  • Comb – The most common attachment, a metal or plastic comb is sewn into the veil, making it easy to secure in various hairstyles.
  • Hairpins – For a more seamless look, hairpins can be used to anchor the veil into your hairstyle without the added bulk of a comb.
  • Headband – A headband allows for easy placement of the veil and can be used with a wide range of hairstyles.
  • Tiara – If you’re looking for a more regal appearance, consider attaching your veil to a tiara or decorative hairpiece.

7. Factor in Your Hairstyle
When choosing your bridal veil, it’s essential to consider the hairstyle you’ll be wearing on your wedding day. Some veils work better with certain hairstyles, so keep that in mind as you make your decision.

8. Match Your Wedding Theme
Your wedding theme can also influence your veil choice. A beach wedding might call for a shorter, more casual veil, while a traditional church wedding might be better suited for a longer, more formal option. Consider the overall aesthetic of your wedding and how your veil choice will fit into the big picture.

Selecting the perfect bridal veil is an essential part of your wedding day ensemble. By considering factors such as dress style, veil length, fabric, embellishments, edging, attachment, hairstyle, and wedding theme, you can ensure that your veil complements your look and adds that extra touch of magic to your special day. Take your time, try on different options, and trust your instincts to find the bridal veil that truly feels like “the one.”

From all of us at Princess Bridals, we wish you all the best in your preparation for the big day!

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